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    May 11

    5 steps to grab a sale online

    One of the most intriguing question which always lingered in my mind was HOW COME SOME SHOPS HAVE SALE 12 MONTHS A YEAR? But gradually over the years I have learned in my own way that these are small gimmicks that some retailers will do or bound to do to keep their sales going up, same way like the lady across the street having a Garage sale every week  or the closing down sale on the corner shop for last 12 months.
     If you need to get the best product at the best possible price, you need some research, some pre-knowledge, some information and the best way to get at the moment is internet. Google is like Aladdin’s genie who will deliver your needs by just tapping your fingers on the keyboard. 

    Following are the 5 steps in getting the best of both the worlds that is Better Product and better Price.

    1. Sniff the Internet
    Internet is a like a big maze where you get the clues just be clicking a button. Make use of it; browse popular 'Sale' websites like missyconfidential.com.au, salethisweek.com.au, whatsonsale.com.au. At least 20% of sales will be distressed sale; it means a seller is selling urgently due to his negative conditions. The products are genuine and the prices are low. That’s the perfect time to grab a sale.

    2. Product Reviews
    It’s important to get the review of the product even though you may have a good knowledge about it. Other peoples experience can positively influence your purchase. Though be careful to weed out positive reviews from negatives and make your call on the product. Websites like http://www.productreview.com.au/, http://www.nextag.com.au can always help you better understand the pros and cons of your product.

    3. Compare the prices
    Price is the deciding factor between and a good bargain or a bad bargain, always check the cost of the product for the optimum price. Website like www.getprice.com.au or http://www.shopbot.com.au/ can be helpful in determining the best price of the product.

    4. Product Guarantee
    You will find websites with 100% money-back guarantee or an offer for free trial or labor and material warranty and if they are mentioned on the website they are genuine and bound by law. Guarantee or Warranty gives extra assurance in the workmanship and the quality of the product.

    5. Check Shipping for online purchases
    A shipping cost or any other hidden costs should always be checked before you decide to buy a product. There are some websites that will charge you exorbitant charge for shipping which will result to higher costs even when getting a bargained product.
    In some of the websites you will get the shipping only after you add the product in the shopping cart, if the shipping cost is more than the normal, you can always shop on another website just to compare the total cost to you.
    Many thanks for posting this, It?s just what I used to be researching for on bing. I?d a lot relatively hear opinions from an individual, slightly than a company internet page, that?s why I like blogs so significantly. Many thanks!
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